Suburban Building Officials Conference

Monthly Membership Meetings & Luncheon Seminar

Dear SBOC Members and Guests:
     With everything that is occurring throughout the world and now locally, the SBOC Board has decided to suspend the remaining 2020 Training Institute Sessions.  We do not take this subject lightly and are concerned for everyone’s health and wellbeing. The SBOC Board will be refunding all payments for the March 20th and 27th sessions, and all efforts will be made to have the refunds sent out within the next 30 to 60 days. Please keep in mind that the SBOC Board members are all volunteers and that we do this work on our own time. Regarding the refunds, members of the Board will be reviewing all deposits and payments made, then we will be following up accordingly. Please keep in mind that we must wait to receive checks in the mail that are trickling in before we can make the refunds. 
     In the upcoming SBOC Board meetings, which will be conducted via phone conference calling, we will be discussing the upcoming monthly meetings, upcoming events, and the possibility for rescheduling the suspended 2020 Training Institute Sessions.  The initial options that we are considering is to have at least one of the sessions this fall or adding additional sessions to next year’s Training Institute.
     Currently we are also suspending the Monthly Lunch and Learn sessions until further notice. SBOC will be sending updates and keeping the SBOC Website updated with the status of meeting closures, events and other postings.
     SBOC still considers that one of their primary functions is to provide valuable training for reasonable costs. We will do everything in power to continue to provide such training.
     Thank you to all for your support and cooperation in these trying times.
     Should you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our email at We will reply to all questions and concerns as we are able to review them and reply accordingly. 

SBOC Executive Board Members